What Makes You Stupendous – Achieving Those New Year’s Resolutions

What Makes You Stupendous – Achieving Those New Year’s Resolutions

Hello my Stupendous Friends!

If you made a New Year’s Resolution, you’re probably still going strong with it. It’s only been 3 days and everyone is still enthusiastic. Did you know that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions? I want to help you, my Stupendous friends, attain those goals!

As you go through this first month working on your resolutions, I’d like you to keep this in mind. You will hit bumps along the way, you will want to probably give up at some point, and it’s possible you might even give it a break for a day or two. Here is the thing, you are my Stupendous Friends! And what do Stupendous Friends do? We support each other, lift each other up, and we keep pushing forward.

What makes you Stupendous, my friends?

It could really be anything. We have amazing people in our lives, awesome talents, interesting hobbies, unique personalities, and we are living stupendous lives. I am going to cover something motivational or inspirational every week to keep us all on track with our Stupendous lives, our goals, and our dreams throughout the months to come. When December is here again, we can all cheer each other on for making it through the year and being part of that 8% of people who achieve their goals/resolutions. I would love to hear from you and have you check in! Let us know your progress towards your goals & resolutions!

How to Achieve those Resolutions!

Wake Up Every Morning and Make Your Bed.

You alone are responsible for your bed. Want to change your life? Start with this first task. This is something you, and solely you, are in control of with no one else to answer to. When you finish making that bed, you’ll have that sense of accomplishment. You just started your day off already accomplishing something. Keep that momentum throughout the day.

At the end of a hard day, you’re going to return to your bedroom to relax, rest, and sleep. Since you made the bed in the morning, you now have a clean and tidy area to relax in. In all the chaos of the world, this is one place that isn’t chaotic and you can truly wind down after the day.

Make Your Surroundings Enjoyable

I’ve learned from this first hand. If you do not like anything about your surroundings, you will be ABSOLUTELY miserable. It might take weeks, or months, sometimes even years, but it will happen.

It’s like this nagging negativity that you can only suppress for so long. This could be objects in your home, where you live, or even the people you are surrounded by. FIND THE POSITIVITY! Get rid of those objects in your home that don’t bring you happiness, change the place you live in if you don’t like it, and let go of those negative relationships with people who continue to bring you down. (Side note: when I say change the place you live in, I don’t necessarily mean move. You can paint, change your furniture around, get new windows, etc.)

Use Positive Affirmations

You woke up and made your bed. You’re in a place you enjoy. You look in the mirror in the morning and what do you say to yourself? Is it positive? Positive Affirmations are so important. When you repeat them everyday in the mirror, you can recondition your brain to change how you feel about any situation.

I remember in middle school, I had a teacher who told us to do positive affirmations every day and most of us kind of laughed. It really is true though! It’s going to be a lot harder, or maybe even impossible, to achieve your goals and dreams without some self-esteem. The higher, the better.

Try it out for a month, and if you think it’s working for you, change them for the next month. Keep building yourself up throughout the year, not tearing yourself down. Remember, the most powerful words are “I Am.”

How This Helps You Stick To Your Resolutions

So you might be wondering what those 3 things have to do with New Year’s Resolutions. The reason we started with those 3 is because mindset is everything! Remember, our goal here in the Stupendous community is to live a Stupendous life. To live a Stupendous life we have to have the right mindset. Achieving our goals requires us to have the right mindset. To stick to our resolutions, again, we have to have the right mindset.

This is a lot of information to take in for one day I think. I’m going to leave you with just these 3 actionable steps for now. Try the first and third out in the morning, and start working on the second. Next week I will continue on with the rest of how we can all stick with our New Year’s Resolutions this year. We’re going to be covering making a plan and tracking it though. If you need ideas for a planner, check out Starting the New Year Off with the Right Planner.

Until next time, my Stupendous Friends!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
Do you usually stick with your Resolutions?
Do you feel like you need a support group to stay on track with your Resolutions? 

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