Finding the Beauty Right In Front of You

Finding the Beauty Right In Front of You

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Everyone always talks about how beautiful Michigan is. As the saying goes, Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. One day I sat around and I couldn’t help but think “I see the same things all the time.” I was feeling bored with my surroundings, stuck in one place, and definitely not seeing beauty anywhere around me.

Finding The Beauty Again

What did I do? I grabbed my Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera and went to the Bay City State Recreation Area. Now, I’m no professional photographer, but looking through that lens, you see things differently. You appreciate the beauty of what is right in front of you, start seeing the same view that was right in front of you in a different perspective, and you start looking from different angles.

This was just down in the Lower Peninsula too. The Upper Peninsula is a whole different ball game as far as scenery goes. The scenery in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is gorgeous. Driving up and down through the hills and there are trees for what seems like miles. It’s a little slice of heaven. As for the U.P. though, I’ll cover our travels there in a different post.

Bay City State Recreation Area

When I went to the Bay City State Recreation Area it was a gorgeous day out. The boys spent the entire time at the Spray By The Bay. My mom was there to watch them as I walked around to explore a bit.

As I walked around, I walked out to the beach on the new 312-foot seasonal metal boardwalk. I was just looking out for a while, taking it all in, when an older gentleman who was sitting on the bench starting talking to me. We were looking at the logs that were washed up, and he told me that they were logs back from the old lumber days. It’s pretty fascinating when you think about the history behind things you find there.

Washed up Lumber at the Bay City State Recreation Area - A Stupendous Life

Seeing Everything From A Different Perspective

Here I was, bored with everything around me, and all it took was one day out at the park, a 2,800 acre area, to change my whole perspective on life again. One day to see how easy it is to find the beauty around me again. I started to slow down and actually look around at my surroundings after that. Take in the different seasons, the water crashing along the beach line, the sky turning from a magnificent shade of blue to oranges and reds.

If you ever feel stuck, and lose the sight of the beauty around you, I urge you to go for a walk with a camera. Don’t use the digital screen, but look into the lens and see everything around you from a different perspective. Go to a place you’ve been to before and find the beauty you haven’t discovered yet.

Where is a great place you have been lately where you have just stopped to take it all in?

Do you have any tips for finding the beauty around you? 

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