Delicious Budget Friendly Cheese Steak Sandwiches for the Family!

Delicious Budget Friendly Cheese Steak Sandwiches for the Family!

So, as my husband and I were watching “Best Food Ever” on Netflix one night, we decided that we just had to have Cheese Steak sandwiches for dinner. This led to a quick trip to Kroger and we got some pretty good deals! (Gotta love Manager Specials). Even without manager specials though, this isn’t very expensive to make, especially if you watch sales or have some of the ingredients sitting around already.

So, while making our cheese steak sandwiches, we decided to take a lot of pictures and share with you exactly what we did. Keep in mind, toppings are optional, the type of bread you use is optional, and the type of cheese is also optional! This is what we did though!

Ingredients for Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Meat – We used Choice Beef Round Bottom Round Steak, but you can use any kind of steak you want really. My husband picked this steak for the marbleization.
Vegetable Oil
1 whole Green Pepper
1 whole Onion
About 5 White Whole Mushrooms
Mozzarella Cheese
Hoagie Buns
A1 Steak Sauce


Our food critic: Seth! (Our oldest son at 19 months old. These pictures were taken the first time we made this recipe.)

He was patiently waiting for dinner to get done.

Prep & Cook

1) Cut the meat into as thin of slices as you can possibly cut it. We used about 1-2 inch strips.


2) Add about enough oil to coat the bottom of your pan. Cook your meat on a medium setting and allow it to sit cooking while you cut the other items.


3) Green Pepper – We thinly sliced the green peppers. Feel free to cut them thicker, chop, dice, or whatever you prefer.


4) Add a bit of salt to your meat for some flavor, then stir the steak a bit to make sure it’s not sticking to the pan or burning.

5) Onions & Mushrooms – we thinly sliced each, but feel free to cut them how you like.


6) After your veggies are all sliced up, your meat should be browned on one side. Flip your meat and turn the heat to high.

7) Add your onions on top of your meat.


8) Add your green peppers on top.


9) After you have the onions and green peppers in the pan, give it a good stir to mix it all in.

10) Keep cooking until your meat is done – reduce your heat to medium. Add your mushrooms in (leave on top) and let simmer uncovered for about 2 minutes.


11) After your 2 minute simmer, stir the mushrooms in so they are mostly on the bottom of the pan, and remove from heat.


12) Preheat your toaster oven or conventional oven – we used a toaster oven, preheating it to 350 degrees.

Seth getting excited for the Cheese Steak Sandwiches
(Something is smelling yummy guys!)

13) Now, at this point, you can melt your cheese on the stove like we tried this time, or you can just shred the cheese and let it melt over the meat while it is in the toaster oven, so at this time, prepare your cheese.

14) Cut your bread.

15) Add sandwich toppings to your Cheese Steak Sandwiches. Put the Cheese Steak Sandwiches in the toaster oven for approximately 5 minutes or so (until your bread is toasted and everything is nice and toasty warm!)

Budget Friendly Cheese Steak Sandwiches

16) When sandwiches come out add anything extra (A1, sauce, etc.), close your Cheese Steak Sandwiches, and enjoy!

He approved! 🙂
There you have it, Budget-Friendly Cheese Steak Sandwiches for the Whole Family!

If you have any suggestions on how you do it different, feel free to leave a comment.

If you follow our recipe, let us know how you like it! 

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